Wiring Instructions

Sending a Wire

If you need to transfer money, JetStream Federal offers you a safe and secure option.  We can assist you whether you are sending or receiving funds from someone in the United States or Internationally.

Domestic (United States or Territories) Fee: $25* 

International (Oversees) Fee: $50*

To ensure proper delivery, contact your payee first, for their financial institution’s wiring instructions before starting the process.  

Receiving a Wire

You can choose to receive a wire and have deposited to your Savings, Checking or Money Market account.

Receiving a wire – Fee: $10* (Funds are posted to your account the same day if received before cutoff time)

Please provide the following instructions to the individual sending you the wire:

Send wire to:
JetStream Federal Credit Union
P0 Box 5487
Miami Lakes, FL 33014
ABA # 267080355
Account Number
Member Name
Type of Account (Savings or Checking)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (305) 821-7060. JetStream Federal will not send wire transfers to any countries that are in OFAC’s Sanction list.

*Refer to Fee Schedule


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