Money Market Account

If you want a savings account that increases your earnings more, then a JetStream Money Market account is for you. Your money market earns dividends at competitive rates and you’ll earn even higher rates on larger balances.

A Money Market Account is ideal for members who want the security of federal deposit insurance, the ability to earn high market-based dividends, and easy access to your funds. Plus, you have the convenience of writing Money Market account checks (up to 3 per month). With a deposit of $2,500 you can earn a high variable dividend rate. (Money Markets have a limit of 6 transactions per month).

Accounts offer:

  • Tiered yields – the higher your balance the more you earn
  • Competitive dividends are calculated daily, compounded daily and credited monthly- your money earns more for you every day
  • Access to your funds without any penalties

Federal Insurance - The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the U.S. Government, federally insures your accounts to $250,000.


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